What's the best job in the world?

Yesterday, I met an amazing 80-year old gentleman who was unable to eat because his dentures were too loose and hurt him terribly.  He was very distressed because another dental office was unable to fix his dentures and advised him to get implants.

Implants are a wonderful solution for a lot of people because they act like natural teeth.  I enjoy doing implants because of their great quality for patients.   However, they may not be the right answer if you have a complicated medical history with delayed healing risks. 

I regard my patients like my family.  Would my wife like how her smile looks?  Would my father feel comfortable eating his crunchy chips?  Is this procedure safe for my mother?  I look at every individual to determine what is best for them.

This elderly gentleman was full of energy and life.  But his medical history was also very complex.  If he were my grandfather, I would be wary of the risks of implants in his particular case.  That is not the best solution for him.

I had a fantastic conversation with him.  I looked at his old dentures carefully.  I made some adjustments.  He left my office with great fitting dentures, excitedly looking forward to eating his favorite meal.

I love being a dentist.  

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