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Pediatric Dentistry


We love kids!  Our dentist, Dr. Nguyen, has extensive experience with pediatric dentistry.  A father of 4 young children, he understands how frightening a visit to the dentist may be.  Therefore, we enjoy making your child's visit as comfortable and safe as possible. 

Pediatric Dentist, Orlando Dentist for kids


Here are some common questions about Pediatric Dentistry.  Please check back as we will answer more questions soon!

1.  "When should my child see the dentist?"

As soon as a child has teeth, he or she may see the dentist.  It is important to be established early with a dentist.  This introduces the child to great oral hygiene habits and helps anticipate any dental problems.  It helps your child become familiar with the dental office and be more at ease.  At Magnolia Dental, we understand that children are innately cautious, and we approach each with care and a positively fun attitude.  

2.  "When does my baby grow his first tooth?"

On average, the first tooth comes around 6 months of age.  Of course, as a parent, one knows that not all babies follow the book.  Some babies may be born with teeth! And some may not have any until well after 1 year old!  Usually, the bottom front 2 come first.  However, it is not unusual to see others come before that.

If you are looking for a great dentist in Orlando for your child, please contact us!